Chain and Penny Clock


Chain and penny Clock.  Made using recycled oak floor boards, old pennies and rusty chain.

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Like most of our ideas, the Chain and Penny Clock idea just happened one day when we were messing about the workshop wondering what we could come up with.


The wooden clock face is constructed from some oak floorboards and we stole the clock mechanism from a plastic kitchen clock.


If you look closely, you’ll see that the numbers 12,3,6,& 9 are old stair carpet grippers.  We’ve been told that they’re art nouveau, but were not certain about that. They are neat though.


When we were welding the chain, sparks jumped on the wooden clock face and burned it.  We kept that look too.


The remaining numbers are old pennies.


The chain fell off the back of a lorry.


We hope you like it.


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