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Recycled Furniture

At The Yard , we create and design Recycled Furniture and a variety of Industrial furniture for our clients and customers across North East England and further afield.  Wherever and whenever possible, we utilise reclaimed and re-purposed materials.  However, given the nature and high quality of our products, alongside our customer’s requirements, this is not always possible.  During the design and consultation process, we listen very carefully to our customer’s ideas and visions.  Above all else, customer satisfaction is paramount. Each an every one of our Reclaimed Furniture pieces and other products are unique, one-of-a-kind items that cannot be found in any high st outlets on online shopping sites, such as Etsy or Not On The High St, for example.

How we work – Recycled Furniture- Design and consultation

When we first meet with the client or customer, a proportion are unsure about the design, structure, materials required.  To help with this, we ask that they look for inspiration and bring us images from sites and magazines, such as Pinterest or Ideal homes, for example.  Basic drawings or sketches are just as good.  Other customers know exactly what they want, so they tell us directly.  whichever we do this, we guarantee that the design and functionality of the piece will mirror the customer’s requirements.  During the design, consultation and build process, we usually meet with clients around two or three times.  Sometimes more if needed.  Initially, at the first meeting, we discuss size, structure, materials, location and budgets etc.  to follow up when the build is underway, we then look at the shape, size, composition to make sure the piece is suitable.  Before completion, we check on colours, textures and appropriate finishes, such as lacquers, stains and was etc.

Recycled Furniture – costs and pricing

As each piece is custom made and totally unique, we do not have set prices.  It all depends on the customer’s requirements.  However, a standard metal and reclaimed wood dining table starts at around £500


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