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Reclaimed Wood Furniture by The Yard

At The Yard we specialise in designing and building custom Industrial and Reclaimed Wood Furniture for our clients and customers across the North East and further afield.  Wherever and whenever possible, we use recycled or reclaimed materials to construct our wood & metal furniture.  However, due to the high quality of our products and the needs of our clients, this is not always possible. We listen carefully to our customers, to ensure that our Reclaimed wood  furniture products match with their ideas and vision. Our clients know that our items are unlike those on sale in the high street or online retailers, such as Etsy or eBay etc.  Some examples of our previous work can be seen on our Facebook page or our Home Page on this site.

How it Works – Reclaimed Wood Furniture – Design and Consultation

When we first meet our customers and clients, a proportion are unsure about issues such as design, composition, size and scale etc.  To help with this, we ask them to have look for inspiration on sites such as Pinterest or online Magazines, like Ideal Homes.  A basic drawing or photograph is just as good.  Others know exactly what they want, and they tell us directly.  In any case, the wood & metal furniture product will be designed and custom built to each and every individual’s expectations.  During the design consultation, we usually meet with clients around two or three times.  Initially, we discuss the basic design, materials, overall structure and outline costs.  When we begin the build, we meet again to make sure that we’re on target and finally to confirm issues such as colours, textures and preferred finish, such as lacquers, varnish and wax.

 Recyclaimed Wood Furniture – Costs & Prices

All of our products are unique, one-of-a-kind items, therefore they are all priced differently.  A basic wood and metal dining table starts at around £500.


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